1kg Pick & Mix

1kg Pick & Mix

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Our massive 1kg pouch is filled with vegan sweets and is perfect for sharing with friends and equally great for keeping them all for yourself! You can expect to find over 60 varieties of sweets including bubblegum bottles, fizzy strawberries, cherry cola bottles, fizzy cherries, strawberry cheesecake foams, banoffee foams, fizzy blue babies and more.

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The sweets will arrive in a pouch that is 100% compostable and resealable. This entire packaging, including zip lock, is fully compostable in just 10 weeks.

The pouch is re-sealable so you can take it out and about, perhaps to the cinema or to a friend’s house to share with others. The pouch is also heat sealed for a long expiry date. Keep the pouch in a cool place away from sunlight to prolong the date and keep the sweets fresh.

We recommend eating the sweets within 10 months of purchase for maximum freshness and taste. However, if you transfer the sweets into an airtight container it will increase the shelf life substantially.

Sound good? Order a pouch today to be amazed by our incredible vegan sweets.

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