500g Pouch Pick & Mix

500g Pouch Pick & Mix

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This re-sealable pouch is filled with 500g of our Vegan Pick & Mix selection. 1kg box too big, 200g bag not enough? Then this pouch has you covered. Filled with over 60 varieties of vegan sweets this is the perfect sampler for all of our sweets.

The pouch is re-sealable so you can take it out and about, perhaps to the cinema or to a friend’s house to share with others. The pouch is also heat sealed for a long expiry date of up to 12 months. Keep the pouch in a cool place away from sunlight to prolong the date and keep the sweets fresh.

PLEASE NOTE - This product’s packaging still contains plastic, we are making the transition to compostable packaging soon. For 100% plastic free packaging check out our 1kg pouches or 200g bags

You can download an ingredients list here

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